Organic Versus Convention
The organic vs conventional growing is a war that rages on. Some people choose organic produce to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals while others opt to buy conventional produce because it’s much cheaper. But should we be prepared to fork out the extra dollars and buy organic, or can we buy conventional produce and ensure its pesticide free?

Cell Malnutrition
Our bodies are made of molecular chains of cells that make up our DNA. These cells need nutrient-rich foods to function effectively. While we may fill our stomachs and quench our hunger every day, most people do not satisfy the needs of their body’s cells. So how do we satisfy our cells? Be sure to read this quick article and find out.

Simple Lifestyle Habits
The topic of health can be a confusing topic with so many different theories. This article offers a few simple and yet highly effective tips that anyone can follow.

The Good And The Bad On Chocolate
If only chocolate were good for us – life would be so much more enjoyable. The great news is, it can be!
This very short article discusses the health benefits of chocolate and what types and amounts you can eat guilt free.

Plate Management Equals Weight Management
There are many relevant factors involved with weight loss: What to eat, when to eat, how much to eat etc. One key area is ‘plate management’. Think about it, it’s going to be an uphill battle if what goes on your plate is working against you. This short article offers the best ratios of foods to put on your plate each meal.

The Truth About Diet Drinks
Are diet sodas like Pepsi Max and Coke Zero really better at keeping the weight off? This article reveals some alarming truths about diet drinks, including the fact that they add more pounds than their sugary counterparts.

Is It Healthier To Go Vegetarian?
People are fast becoming aware of the many hormones pumped into supermarket meats and as such, many are steering towards a vegetarian lifestyle. But there are also a number of health issues to be aware of should you choose to go vegetarian. If you or someone you know is contemplating becoming a vegetarian, be sure to read this article.

Fat: It's Not Just A Weight Issue Any More
People generally regard the fats in food as something that will simply add pounds to their waistline. As such, those naturally skinny people have no fear in eating fatty foods. But the fats in the foods we eat affect much more than just our weight. This article discusses the many health concerns with fats in foods.

14 Basic Components Of Health
Health fanatic, Sensei Craig Griffiths, takes you through 14 simple steps to maintaining a long, healthy and energy filled life.

Increase Your Fibre Intake
Fibre was something greatly respected by our grandparents who likely called it ‘roughage’. But as years passed, people ate less, as processed foods became the cheaper and easier way to live. This article discusses why fibre is such an important tool for healthy living.

Get More From Life By Getting More from Your Body
Much of the way we view and experience the World comes from the quality of the vehicle we are sitting in (our own mind and body). Every experience is some way tainted by the state of our body and mind. This article outlines way to getting a better experience on this Earth by improving your state of mind and body.

It's Simple, If You Train Regularly, You Must Eat Healthy
Many people partake in exercise as an excuse to eat the foods they want to eat while keeping the shape they want to keep. But if you only exercise for body shape you could be doing yourself harm. Many young and fit people fall ill because they don’t understand correct eating.

Nutrition Questions
This short article answers some nutrition questions and uncovers some nutrition myths.

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Dieting
This short article offers some valuable information in the form of what to do, and what not to do on the subject of dieting.

We Have Always Known It But Fail To Apply It
We’ve heard it since primary school, “if you want to live a long and healthy life, eat your vegetables”. But for whatever reason we ignore this advice. This article discusses just how factual this statement is and highlights the many excuses we hide behind to ignore it.

Unleash The Power Of Foods
Did you know that some foods help protect you from sunburn? That some foods help you become more flexible, to develop better eyesight or make you more serene? Food is not just to fill our bellies when we’re hungry. This short article discusses the role certain foods have on our life.

Cutting The Carbs
This short article explains the difference between High-GI carbs and Low-GI carbs and the difference they can have on our lives.

Are Your Cravings Holding You Back?
As karate students we generally have the goal to look, feel and in general be healthier. Food cravings are too often the one thing that conflicts with these goals and holds us back from our potential. This article offers useful tips to help you conquer your food cravings.

Fuelling Your Karate
To achieve your training goals, it’s essential that you accompany your training programme with a beneficial diet. By increasing the absorption of vitamins and minerals you will be able to train longer and harder, reduce soreness after exercise and decrease damage of tissue and joints.

10 Handy Hints For A Mid Afternoon Energy Boost
Mid afternoon energy slumps are common among people of all ages. They pose a problem for people at work and school because they see a rapid drop in concentration and focus. This article offers useful hints to prevent this afternoon ogre.